Freedom & Liberty For All – Instruction For The Ignorant

(Editorial Comment from  host RJ Evans on his American Heathen® radio show – Air Date 01/28/12)

Don’t do this.  Don’t do that.  Do as I say, not as I do.  But reality speaks in whispers, behind closed doors, and in the shadows of the human mind.  Secrets held near and dear for fear of discovery, entombed in the words of demands, warnings, and manufactured fear, crushes downward in an avalanche of personal denial upon anyone within reach of the left fork of the tongue.  It’s called hypocrisy, and it always reveals the lies.  It also denies freedom and liberty for all.

No matter how well we lie, our lies eventually become a window into truth, the truth of what we hide from others and even from ourselves.  The very fact that we can so effectively convince others of our lies, and that we feel we are qualified to instruct others in personal matters of morality, to direct them, to admonish them for their lies, is really a way to sink our lies as deep as possible in the swamp of our fears.  We claim that we instruct, direct and admonish others so they can be better than us.  But, in point of fact, we don’t really care about them.  We simply don’t want them to discover our lies, our inability to reconcile being human with our impossible personal moral compass.  We cloak our self-created, self-imposed guilt, and our perceived failings, under a robe of self-righteousness and importance, pretending that we are immune to our core nature.  Then we must try to control everyone and everything around us because we’re afraid we cannot control ourselves.  We are afraid of our human animal.

Please, stand in judgment all of you who seek to hide your humanness!  Go ahead!  Sit in judgment with the myth of perfection as your standard for prosecution!  But, to whose laws do you really subscribe?  Laws based on fables?  Tales of woe and torment of fictional characters from a time when laws were the simple whim of ignorant, fearful men, who could not control themselves, could not face their humanness in a mirror?  Or, are the laws of your own creation, knee jerk responses to your own fear?  Go ahead… Measure me!  Measure everyone!  Measure us by impossible standards because the fear of yourselves is far too great that others must be sacrificed to pay for your self-imposed inadequacies, for your fear of being human!  Declare being human evil!  Ah, but you already have, haven’t you?  You have made it a crime to be human.  And now you demand we redeem ourselves?  For what?  Being human?  And, to whom?  A myth and a kangaroo court manufactured to protect your denial?  Why must anyone be redeemed, saved, from being human?  Why must anyone pay for the fear of yourself, to exonerate you from you, in the dark, cold shadow, of your false piety, purity and chastity?  Who are you to judge?  Who are you to instruct anyone in your impossibly inhuman morality, one that not even you can live by, and that is truly immoral by standards of humanity?  Yes, you!  You are afraid aren’t you…  Afraid you cannot control your mind, your sexual desires, your loves, your lusts, your humanness.  All that is truly good in life scares you because you know so little about who and what you really are!  You are so frightened by the image you see in the mirror!  You coward!

I can’t tell you the number of times I instructed and destroyed before I finally acknowledged the truth of my existence, the reality of the human animal in me and around me.  Denial was far too easy for far too long.  I was so afraid… just like you.  But, I did not run away from myself when the challenge came, when personal responsibility spoke to me.  I removed the robe of self-righteousness.  I stood naked before the mirror.  I saw my humanness and shouted at myself for my ignorance.  It was then that the truth was revealed through the window of my hypocrisy.  I saw the destruction that lay in its wake.  I had been terribly wrong.

Freedom and Liberty is for all.  That is the truth I found out of the rubble of my past.  It is a truth that is not bestowed upon humanity by some benevolent myth.  It is a truth that cannot be expunged from humanity.  It is an inherent truth, one that is born into each and every one of us as we depart the womb.  It is ours to own as individuals!  It is a truth that cannot be hidden under faux piety, prudishness, denial, or suppressed by manufactured oppressive law.  It is the result of being alive, self-aware, and human.  Freedom and Liberty for all isn’t negotiable.  It is not a commodity that can be bought and sold.  It cannot be bartered for under the wages of death for simply living it.  Freedom and liberty exists for its own sake, as a matter of natural course.

Go ahead and try to imprison freedom and liberty for all.  It cannot be jailed.  But for you, you are welcome to cage yourself.  Simply deny yourself.  Go ahead and deny your yearnings, your desires, your lust, your love, your passions.  Deny yourself your compassion, your empathy, your altruism.  Deny your wandering thoughts, dreams, fantasies.  They are at your prerogative, but they are for you to deny yourself.  Not to deny for others.  Freedom and liberty for all will live on in everyone else despite your personal denials.  And, as you suffer in the prison you have created, you will quickly learn that being human cannot be human without freedom and liberty.

How many of you have imprisoned your freedom and liberty?  How many of you have suppressed the very nature of your humanness?  How many of you live in hypocrisy?  You don’t have to be afraid.  You are free.  You own liberty.  It is yours.  Now share the news.  Freedom and liberty for all.  Live it.  Love it.  Now is the time to fight for it.

2 thoughts on “Freedom & Liberty For All – Instruction For The Ignorant

  1. This was quite a powerful commentary, but to get the full effect you really have to hear it in the original “Angry Atheist”!

    If you don’t listen to American Heathen, you miss a lot!

  2. Some may be willing to own up to being human, but still cling desperately to the pillar of their chosen deity’s mythical perfection. This has the effect of denying responsibility for deeds perpetrated and ideas promulgated on behalf of said deity. It gives them a sense of power that acceptance of their mere humanity would seem to deny them. No wonder they hang onto that so doggedly in the face of reason.

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