(Editorial Comment #2 from the American Heathen® radio show – Air Date 05/21/10)

Just exactly what is an Anti-Christ?  Well, in a nutshell it’s the yin to the yang of the christian skybaby.  It’s the delusional nemesis of christian delusion, a twisted, demented, all hating, everything evil… dominionist.  Yes, I said dominionist.  For in reality, the christian doctrine emulates the very antithesis that it created in the furnace father, satan.  Both sides of the story demand dominion over man.  Both sides relish torture and punishment.  Both sides demand worship and capitulation.  The story itself reads like a d-grade movie script.  Good against evil, good guy against the bad guy, played out by actors that really only exist on the printed page, conjured up by overactive imaginations and written and re-written hundreds and thousands of times at the insistence of producers and directors all clamoring for a box office hit.  They all want to be Oscar winners.

Anyway… the anti-christ really isn’t a being.  Obviously it’s not human either.  Exactly what it is though is easy to define.  The anti-christ is any idea that doesn’t fit with someone’s  christian idea.  In christianity’s terms, it’s “If they don’t agree with my dogma, then they’re against christ.” Wallah!  Meet the anti-christ.

I’m one of millions upon millions of anti-christs.  We’re everywhere.  No matter where you look, you can find us.  In fact, take a good look at your fellow christian if you’re a believer.  You will discover that in the end analysis, they most likely disagree with your dogma, and you with theirs.  That’s why there are infinite shades of colored rhetoric, supposition, interpretation, speculation over the bible… and in reality it’s ALL anti-christian.  Even the bible itself is anti-christian.  It contradicts itself so often that it creates its own antithesis.  So much for the anti-christ huh?

Ultimately, only one thing is certain.  Just like all the other skydaddy’s that came before christ… the anti-skydaddy’s always win.  Because in reality, the biggest and baddest anti-christ/anti-skydaddy of all is knowledge.