I Don’t Hate You… I Hate Your Religion

(Editorial Comment from the American Heathen® radio show – Air Date 04/23/10)

Hate.  It’s a strong word.  Usually reserved for the expression of total dislike, a passionate aversion, or extreme hostility toward something or someone.  The reasons for hate can be logical or illogical, they can be benign or malignant, just or unjust.  But, hate is what it is, a human expression that can be destructive if expressed in a manner that usurps human rights or wrongly tramples upon the character of individuals.

Christians accuse me of hate.  And, indeed, I do hate a lot of things.  Notice I said “things”.  I rarely, if ever, hate people.  And, when I do express my hate for an individual, I do not hand down my judgment based upon frivolous, trivial, illogical dribble.  I have carefully measured the character of the person and found it to be lacking in the extreme.  And, the few people I do hate would never have to worry about being discarded or ignored by me should they find themselves in dire peril.  We are human after-all.  My hate doesn’t preclude me from feeling empathy and compassion.  But, I get accused of hating christians anyway, and on a regular basis.  It’s par for the course when I call believers out to defend their religious rhetoric and vitriol.  Of course, this doesn’t surprise me.  A lot of christians cry “persecution!” at the drop of a hat.  However, it’s not the christian believer I attack, it’s christianity, the religion. The religion doesn’t deserve accolades, honor, nor respect.  The religion is vile, disgusting, reprehensible and utter bullshit.  Therefore, the religion of christianity gets its due share of my venom. Yes indeed, I hate christianity.  But, the people who cherish this putrid dogma… Well now, that’s a whole other issue.

You see, I don’t compartmentalize a person’s character with their dogma.  I can separate the two.  How?  Think of religion as a carYou don’t really need one to get around, and if you do happen to want one, you pick and choose your way through the myriad of manufacturers, models and features, that best suit your lifestyle at the time. Your car isn’t reflective of who you really are, although it may represent what you want to look like and feel like at the time.
Ultimately, you will either trade in or sell your car, buy a new one, and leave behind nothing of yourself.  That is how I separate the human from the machine that is religion.

Christians seem to think that their religion is who they are.  But, if they took the time to reflect on their human character, they would quickly discover that their religion is nothing more than personal taste in transportation. Eventually it wears out, ages, loses its luster and gets rusty.  Yeah, some folks will drive their religion into the ground.  But, in the end, they really have no choice but to succumb to the reality that the rust bucket they drive can no longer serve them or suit them.  They eventually have to get rid of the thing, never the worse for wear themselves.  Their human character still intact, changing over time and adapting to the environment, the believer will move on, never the thought for what the human character didn’t leave behind.

Character – the aggregate of features and traits that make up the individual nature of a person.  The sum of a person’s human parts.  It’s not the type of car they drive, its color or its features.  It’s a quantifiable measurement of their human qualities.  These human parts are my measuring stick.  I hold a person up to the light of humanity and look deep into their character.  If they have integrity, honor, and loyalty… if they show compassion and empathy… then,
and only then, will they earn my respect.  But, religion does not have integrity, honor, or loyalty.  It is absolutely void of anything humane.  And it’s alleged compassion and empathy come with a hefty price tag under any circumstance.

I don’t hate you… I hate your religion.  And, I’m not afraid or ashamed to say it.  Christianity will never be capable of earning my respect, nor will anyone ever succeed in forcing me to respect it.  I will not respect a disease.   And, christianity is only one cancerous tumor, out of thousands of supernatural, unscientific, unreasoned, illogical diseases, that will meet my verbal wrath at every opportunity because they (religions) are a threat to humanity.  But, I do not hate christians, or anyone who believes in religious dribble.  If believers can’t separate their human side from their religion… If they take my words as an attack on their character, then they don’t know what character is.  It is then that I’m forced to ask, ‘Who’s really the fool?’,  and conclude with  ‘Blessed are those who take stock of humanity in the light of reason, for they are rich in knowledge and drowning in respect.’ By the way, you won’t find that “blessed” quote in any book.  It’s mine.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Hate You… I Hate Your Religion

  1. Chucky.

    I read your blog post. I find your story interesting. As with any story, there’s always more to it than is actually told. Exactly WHAT isn’t being told will most likely never be known. What I do know is that people who post on Craigslist are a microcosm of the world population as a whole, and the number of Atheists that partake in posting on it is, most likely, extremely small, statistically speaking. In any event, anyone can post and make claims to be Atheist, Christian, Muslim… whatever. It is impossible to verify who’s who when it comes to belief or lack thereof. Now, is it possible that these posts are from Atheists? Yes. But, it is also possible they are being done by any number of folks who simply want to irritate, instigate, and generally be a pain in the ass. I’ll throw you a bone and make the assumption that the posts are indeed from Atheists. But, are ALL Atheists like this? Nope. Just the same as all Christians aren’t dogmatic skydaddy junkies bent on world dominion. But, I really am intrigued by your implication that “… atheists can cry until they’re blue in the face that they don’t hate us and just our religion, but when you act differently in real life your words come across as hollow”

    Now, your broad brush condemnation of Atheists seems pretty bold… I also am confused by what you mean by “real life”. By “real life” do you mean on-line or face to face? I haven’t heard of Atheist abuse of Christians in face to face encounters. Hmmm… maybe you are feeling persecuted?

    I have to ask… Have you even read a word of my blog outside of this post? How many Atheists do you know personally? How many have you actually taken the time to get to know? Could you ever be friends with one? You see, it’s very easy to paint Atheism as horrible by taking the actions of a few and assigning them to a whole group. The fact is that Atheism isn’t a religion, has no guidebook/holy text, or dogma. It’s not even an ideology. It’s simply lack of belief. More importantly, it is independent, free thought. It isn’t a “group think” mentality. Seems to me you’re doing a lot of broad brushing huh? You, of course, don’t do that at all, do you. Nah. You really meant to say that people, who might be Atheists, and who posted on Craigslist, were rude, obnoxious, crude, and generally shitheads… that for all you know, they may or may not be representative of what Atheists are all about because you don’t know any Atheists. And, until you get to know an Atheist, you’ll reserve judgment as to the general character of the person, as opposed to the group. If this is what you meant to say, then great! But, I suspect, that you really didn’t mean that.

  2. I’ll add one thing to that: Christians who are threatened by disbelief are for a reason, their belief isn’t very strong. They’re scared of what they might actually hear. I’ve never had a problem with Christians whose belief didn’t hinge on every knee bending to their god.

  3. The problem is that people use religion as a substitute for their own ego, and as such when you question their religion, they HAVE to take it personally and make it a personal attack. This is what gives their views the false sense of a higher authority, so when you question their religion, they can’t help but make it personal. You’re essentially challenging their power base, which means you’re challenging THEM.

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