A Reasonable Expectation of Stupid

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large-3-db1887d432215310b866e7f587effe6bMy wife and I recently started an aerial video production company. We fly small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAV’s), more commonly referred to as “drones”, and we specialize in covering a myriad of events that take place on the water. The word “drone” has been center-stage for some time when it comes to the news. From airstrikes in faraway lands, to drunken landings on the White House lawn… From reports of alleged peeping toms, to landing on a rooftop in protest of Fukishima… Media machinations shroud the facts, in many cases, feeding the fears of the stupid and the ignorant. There are times when I wonder if people are just ignorant, or really as stupid as they appear. Yesterday was one such occasion. I came to the conclusion that having a reasonable expectation of stupid isn’t a stretch anymore.

It was a beautiful day to fly. I decided to head over to the lake, a couple of miles from my house, to put in some stick time and shoot some b-roll for an upcoming gig. After burning through 6 batteries I took a break and slummed around waiting for the sun to start setting. As I waited, a killdeer decided I was too close to its nest nestled in the rocks somewhere below the elevated point I was standing on. The bird tried in vain to get me to follow it, chirping loudly and executing a perfect “My wing is broken!” pose. I talked to he/she for a few minutes in a soothing voice hoping to calm its nerves. Of course, that didn’t work. So, I decided to let the bird do most of the talking.

A Beautiful Sunset and a Douchenozzle

Around 8pm I took to the air to capture the sunset. My goal was to make a few runs over the water toward the sun with the camera tilted down at the beginning of the run, and then slowly tilt the camera up to capture the beautiful horizon. By this time there were very few boats on the lake. Most folks had called it a day. The craft that had stayed on the water were of the pontoon variety. Nonetheless, I took advantage of their placement and executed some flyovers, silhouetting them against the fiery disc. After a couple of passes over several different craft, I did another turnaround in hopes of getting one more shot out of my last battery. As I watched my bird return, I noticed that one of the pontoons I’d flown over was pulling in close to my shore location. When the operator stopped his craft just off shore from me, he asked “Does that thing have a camera?” I replied in the affirmative. In a very serious tone he then said, “I’m going to get my gun.” My response… “Why? I’m shooting watersports activities.” He retorted with “I don’t want my picture taken”. I laughed. “I don’t even know who you are. I can barely make out what you look like from here!” The douchenozzle didn’t respond. Instead, he decided to hit the throttle to leave and discovered that he’d beached himself in the shallows. After a minute or so of gunning his motor, he was off to the other side of the lake. I finished up the last couple of minutes on my battery and then landed.

Reasonable Expectation of…

Sunset and StupidYou can see the star of this drama in the photo attached to this article. Well… You can see a pontoon. Keep in mind that I’m flying in a State Park, from the marina property where I keep my Regal 30 Express Cruiser, with the permission of the marina owners, and my truck is marked with my aerial company logo.

I’ve written about “drones” and privacy issues in a previous article. But since then, Rethuglicans and Tea Boogers have decided to take their paranoia to new extremes by making public threats to shoot any “drone” they see out of the sky. And guess who’s to blame for fanning the flames? You guessed it. Rethuglican and Tea Booger politicians. Of course the media has had a lot to do with “drone” dumbassery and paranoia. But, when truly professional dumbasses get ahold of the meme, their constituents yell “PRAISE JESUS!” and “LOCK AND LOAD!” But I digress…

Never try to explain “reasonable expectation of privacy” to a Rethuglican or Tea Booger. They will not listen. As far as they are concerned, anything that flies and has a camera attached warrants a bullet or buckshot. But isn’t it strangely hypocritical? In an age where every cell phone has a camera… Where people photobomb each other as a matter of public policy… Where everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame every 10 seconds… Where Rethuglicans and Tea Boogers yell and scream at the top of their lungs in every corner of the public and private sphere… A reasonable expectation of privacy NOW SUDDENLY EXTENDS into PUBLIC spaces? Of course! But… What about god and jesus? You will never hear a Rethuglican or Tea Booger threaten to shoot those “drones” out of the sky. Nope. God, and his fellow peeping-tom jesus, are immune from prosecution. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with the difficulty in targeting them? And what about Rethuglicans and Tea Boogers unbridled and enthusiastic support of “drones” killing “them muslims”? Anyway… I have to wonder…

  • If a Rethuglican or Tea Booger is afraid of having their picture taken in a public space, and they decide to shoot a photographic “drone” out of the air in public airspace, and/or the person operating the aircraft… How will they deal with having their picture taken for their mug shot?

Go Ahead! Make My Day!

I have news for all Rethuglicans and Tea Boogers. If you think you can intimidate me with guns, veiled or direct threats of violence and destruction… Kiss my ass. Go ahead. Shoot my aircraft out of the sky in a public space. You’ll get your picture taken and it will make front page headlines. Plus you’ll get the opportunity to reimburse me $5000 for the aircraft.  Go ahead. Shoot me for legally operating my aircraft in  public airspace. You’ll still get your picture taken and it will still make front page headlines. Either way, you will validate my reasonable expectation of your stupidity, and then you’ll get to smile and say “Cheese!”

Look Out Easter!

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Hey guys, David 2 here…

The folks that brought you “Iron Sky” and the coming sequel have this little movie, depicting Jesus as the conservatives and neo-conservatives see him.

No, seriously.  This is how the thumpers in America have characterized their faith, especially in recent years.  No peace.  No forgiveness.  No more of this “hate the sin but love the sinner” garbage.  Nope.  It’s all anger and rage and retribution and “Christ Warrior” extremism.

I should point out that the people behind this little bit also came up with the idea of Nazis from the moon…

(It really was a good cheesy movie, by the way.  Watch it if you can.)

And now Hitler riding a Nazi T-Rex in the center of the Earth!

So I guess they’re not really concerned about pissing people off too much, especially this weekend.

“Religious Freedom” = Religious Bigotry

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Stoning-Religion-Iran-Stoned-for-being-EmoThe following post was originally published Feb. 27, 2014.  I’m re-posting it in the wake of the Indiana “Religious Freedom” law signed by Gov. Mike Pence (R)

For once I’d really like to hear one honest statement from fundamentalists.  Just one.  What I’d like to hear is very simple, very succinct, and very clear.  “Religious Freedom” is the god given right to be a full on, unadulterated, shameless hateful BIGOT.  So, just say it jackasses.  Just say the words.  “I hate fags.  They are sub-human and must die.”  C’mon.  Just say the words and stop trying to dress it up to make it sound like you are a victim of religious discrimination.  Take out your bible right now and open it to Leviticus 20:13 and read the passage proudly.

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Now, doesn’t that make you feel better?  C’mon!  Admit it!  You feel so much better!  But, you won’t.  You’ll dress your disdain, hate, and bigotry up as “religious freedom”. You’ll whine, cry, throw fits, and claim  you have a god-given right to be as mean, nasty, hateful, and discriminatory as you wish, to anyone or anything that ruffles your giant black vulture feathers. You have no guts.  You have no fortitude.  You have no courage to stand on principle and simply start exterminating those who disagree with you.  Instead, you manipulate, lie, cheat and steal to get your way.  You game the system to keep things as tidy as possible because the law forbids bloodletting.   And the Constitution is about freedom and liberty for all.  You know the only way to get by the Constitution is to end run it.  And the only way to make an end run is to create confusion through disinformation, half-truths, and total lies.  “Religious Freedom” isn’t a phrase of protection for everyone’s religion.  It’s YOUR phrase to ASSERT YOUR particular brand of religious bigotry.

guy smiling at firing squadGo ahead and call it “Religious Freedom”.  But the phrase is transparent.  Just be honest.  For once in your miserable, astoundingly deluded life, admit that you hate anyone who doesn’t believe as you do, goose step to your every command, and who challenges your dogma at every turn of your socio-political, theocratic fascist screw.  Just admit for once that you want everyone who disagrees with you lined up against a wall and shot.  Go ahead and manufacture any excuse for the disposal of your god’s enemies.  Pick and choose your way through your holy book. Justify your hate!   Then create the ultimate reality television show, “God’s Wheel of Death”. Let the ghostly white christian audience pick a race, sexual orientation, wrong religion, atheists, humanists, liberals… anyone… then give an audience member an opportunity to spin the wheel to see what manner of demise should be delivered to the enemies of your god!  Firing squad?  Stoning to death in the public square?  How about beheading?  Maybe disembowelment? Being drawn and quartered?  The options are endless!  Much like your excuses for why you think you are entitled to special “Religious Freedom”.

Just be honest for once!  “Religious Freedom” has nothing to do with religious freedom.  Your “Religious Freedom” is nothing more than a path to christian dominion. And the only way to get there is by stripping the Constitution of the protections for anyone but YOU.  Then all you have to do is say “Ready. Aim. Fire!”

Language Larceny

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ZinkFrom contributor Ronald Bruce Meyer

What is wrong with education in America? How can a high school student be so wrong about the core principles of his country that he would utter such nonsense as this: “What makes you American is not the language you speak, but the ideas you believe in”?

Those were the words of student leader Andrew Zink. Mr. Zink was in charge of the morning announcements for Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, N.Y., on Wednesday 18 March 2015. On that morning, as part of the school’s celebration of National Foreign Language Week, an Arabic-speaking student read the Pledge of Allegiance … in Arabic. Later readings would have been in other languages, European languages to be sure, but it was the reading in Arabic that got the news media leading the uproar. Especially among cultural conservatives.

Right-wing news pundits were everywhere objecting to the phrase “one nation… under Allah”—which unaccountably leaves one Arabic word, the one that actually means “God,” untranslated. Oh, my. It’s as if conservatives really don’t like “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance! Who would have imagined? (Note to conservatives: it’s best to know what you’re talking about before criticizing it. It makes you look less foolish: kind of like criticizing a movie you haven’t watched.)

A local paper, The Times Herald-Record, reported that Pine Bush School District Superintendent Joan Carbone had “received complaints from district residents who had lost family members in Afghanistan and from Jewish parents who were equally outraged by the reading.” They do know that the official languages of Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari, not Arabic, right? And would the Jewish parents have objected to a reading in German? And how about the planned reading in Japanese: didn’t “they” attack us once?

One less hyperventilating pundit, Michael Dorstewitz of Biz Pac Review, wrote “Pine Bush administrators had it all wrong. The whole concept of the United States being a “melting pot” is that people from different countries come together, assimilate and celebrate that which binds us all—being an American. Highlighting our differences—whether by race, religion or language—only divides us as a nation.”

PledgeMultilingualTo which I say, au contraire. You cannot claim to be a melting pot if you are ignorant of its constituent parts! Do we wish to learn nothing of other peoples and languages—which so enrich our own people and language?

American Legion Post Commander Andrew Brew, perhaps forgetting that the U.S. has no official language, told reporters, “This is America, and we speak English in America.” Now, read that sentence back and consider how senseless it sounds: English is the language from England!

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, suggested to Fox News that saying the pledge in Arabic might encourage “Muslim youth” to join the radical militant group ISIS. Really? Pledging allegiance to the U.S. can do that?

One wag wrote, “If English was good enough for Jesus to use to write the bible, it’s good enough for the pledge.” When one not-so-deep thinker replied, “You may have missed it but the Bible is translated to English,” the original writer remarked, “That makes it foreign. We can’t trust that foreign stuff.”

In a rush to appease, news reports say, later in the afternoon Principal Aaron Hopmayer made a school-wide announcement to explain why the pledge was read in Arabic and to apologize to those who took offense. The principal then said the pledge would only be read in English in the future—in spite of the fact that state regulations do not mandate that the pledge be recited in a specific language, only prescribing the specific words.

But it was for Andrew Zink, a mere student, to remind everyone that although he knew the reading would attract controversy, it was the right thing to do: “This is an example of how [The Pine Bush Central School District] would rather sweep an issue under the rug instead of having an open dialogue about it,” he said to MTV News. Indeed. Wouldn’t you think the purpose of school is to, you know, educate?

The Pine Bush school had also planned to let students hear the pledge in French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, but instead canceled its Foreign Language Week and banned Zinc from reading announcements for the rest of the year. So much for free speech. And so much for education.

As for the school apology, Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which calls itself a grassroots civil rights and advocacy group, said, “I would ask what he would be apologizing for exactly. Was his apology directed at those who have spread anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry with hostile comments about this Pledge of Allegiance? … I mean, what could be more quintessentially American than offering the Pledge of Allegiance, no matter what language it’s in?”

And in an official statement, CAIR said, “When a simple student activity designed to promote mutual understanding receives such a negative reaction, and the school in which it takes place is forced to issue a public apology, all Americans who value our nation’s history of religious and ethnic diversity should be concerned. One has to wonder if such an intolerant response would have resulted from reading the pledge in a language other than Arabic.”

Just so. And somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Pledge say “…with liberty and justice for all?” Does that mean everyone has liberty, but not the liberty to speak another language? Does that mean Arabic speakers can never be American?

And if you really object to Arabic, there’s a lot you’re going to have to give up—unless you don’t mind being hypocritical. For one thing, you’d better stop using the word zero, because that was an Arab invention. As are the “Arabic” numerals. And, come to think of it, you would have to give up saying admiral, albatross, alcove, algorithm, apricot, arsenal, artichoke, assassin, average, azimuth, azure, almanac, antimony, benzene, boron, candy, carrot, caravan, caraway, check/checkmate, cipher, coffee, crimson, damask, elixir, carafe, caliber/calipers, cork, demitasse and drub.

Also Arabic? Garble, gauze, gazelle, gerbil, ghoul, giraffe, harem, hashish, henna, hookah, hummus, jar, jasmine, (mint) julep, jumper (clothing), garbage, guitar, hazard, lacquer, lemon, lime, lute, macramé, magazine, mattress, mohair, monsoon, mummy, muslin, lilac, macabre, mask, masquerade, massage, mizzen-mast, mortise and nadir.

And, of course: orange, ream (paper), rook (chess), safari, safflower, saffron, sash (ribbon), scarlet, sequin, serendipity, sheikh, sherbet, sofa, sorbet, spinach, sugar, sultan, sumac, Swahili, syrup, racket (tennis), soda, sodium, tahini, talc, talisman, tamarind, tangerine, tare (weight), tariff, tarragon, tuna, typhoon, vizier and zenith.

Had enough? Here’s a thought: why not give up the Pledge? It’s either a loyalty oath or a secular prayer: But either way, patriots don’t need it and traitors won’t heed it.

If that’s not possible, then you’d better give up alcohol. That’s an Arabic word, too.

The Confederacy Lives – Shame on You Oklahoma!

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For those Oklahoma legislators who’ve been living in the dream world of American Exceptionalism…



“Oklahoma! Where the bigotry comes sweeping down the plain!” – RJ Evans –



Members of the University of Oklahoma fraternity chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were captured on video chanting a blatantly racist tome while on a bus traveling to a formal event celebrating the fraternities’ Founding Day. The chant’s lyrics?

“There will never be a nigger SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me.”

SAE was founded at the University of Alabama 5 years prior to the Civil War. “The fraternity had fewer than 400 members when the Civil War began. Of those, 369 went to war for the Confederate States and seven for the Union Army…” according to the fraternity website.

Oklahoma is already known nationally for outrageous acts of racism and bigotry. Just take a trip back to the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. And there’s plenty of contemporary ignorance and stupidity rearing its ugly head when it comes to Oklahoma’s legislative body. Actors like Senator James Inhofe (Senator Snowball), Representative Sally Kern, Governor Mary Fallin, and a whole host of others, regularly find their way into the national news over some idiotic thing they did or said. But, I think their lunacy truly underscores and explains the mentality of these SAE fraternity bigots. Sure, Oklahoma legislators aren’t directly to blame for this particular piece of dung, but they are the representatives elected by a lot of people that teach their Oklahoma children to be racist bigots. Bigots beget bigots, and then elect bigots. But is it really surprising that this happened in Oklahoma? Is it really that much of a surprise?

Sure. Not everyone in Oklahoma is a bigot. I live here. I migrated to Oklahoma 18 years ago. The folks I call friends are far from being bigoted. I’m also pretty certain there are thousands of other Oklahomans that don’t have a bigoted bone in their body. But, this is still Oklahoma after all. It’s the belt buckle of the bible belt, the western edge of the Old South. In the 21st century the Confederacy still lives and breathes in Oklahoma. It never left. It hides behind the smiling faces of southern charm and hospitality. It festers, seethes and winces, under the authority of a black U.S. President. It slowly grows under the direction of a redder than red political and religious banner.

I’ve seen the bigotry and racism firsthand. It shows up when my outward appearance puts life-time locals at ease. My tattoo sleeved arms, my whiteness, being a biker… It’s then that Oklahoma born racist bigotry can be seen at its whitest and brightest… and stupidest. I’ve heard the words of deep-seated racism and bigotry, the total ignorance, the hatred. It wreaks from their pores. I’ve also seen the reactions to my displeasure with their bigotry. I can read it like a cheap novel. They’re the same reactions I saw when I was in 6th grade in Las Vegas, Nevada during the early 70’s when desegregation became the law of the land. I saw it on my parent’s faces, and their friend’s faces, when I was bussed to the north side of town to attend school with black children. I can recite a bigoted racist’s hidden inner dialogue word for word because the words were screamed at me at Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota my junior and senior years. “Nigger lover!” I know the bigotry and racism. I know it well from the standpoint of a high school senior who had a black girlfriend and was told by my mother, “I don’t want that nigger in my house!”

I will repeat… Not everyone in Oklahoma is a racist bigot, and the University of Oklahoma doesn’t teach bigotry and racism. I can’t make that any clearer. But, the racist, bigoted families of Oklahoma do teach it! And, it is they who bear the responsibility for turning their children into racist bigots. And they’re responsible for breeding a legislature that pushes radical bigoted agendas in hopes that the Confederacy will somehow rise from the ashes of defeat, allowing their white Jesus to reign supreme. Don’t believe me? Ask any Oklahoma Republican legislator what diversity means to them. You’re bound to get an earful.

Shame on you Oklahoma! Shame on Oklahomans who breed bigotry and racism into their children!

Holy Trinity of Madness – Three Messengers, Two Gods, One Goal

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isis-executioners-throw-two-men-charged-homosexuality-roof-mosuliraqThree messengers, two gods, one goal: Purge the earth of homosexuals. Let’s meet the three messengers…

Coming to us from the Middle East, god’s reigning World Messenger Champion, a truly brutal regime of torture, murder, and mayhem against the enemies of god… Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Recently ISIS claimed a decisive victory over homosexuality when they dispatched, with impunity, men who were suspected of being homosexuals. Tossed from the roof of a building, hands tied behind their backs, the victims met their fate when they impacted the concrete sidewalk many stories below.

Next… Coming to us from the United States and the State of Oklahoma’s House of Representatives… God’s current Midwest Division Messenger Champion, a truly bigoted, hateful, self-righteous warrior against the enemies of god… Rep. Sally Kern (R) of District 84. Sally’s ambitious agenda for god is a bit tamer than that of the reigning World Messenger Champion, but she’s certainly not discouraged. Recently, Sally introduced 3 bills to the State Legislature. House Bill 1599 – “Preservation and Sovereignty of Marriage Act”, House Bill 1598 – “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act”, and House Bill 1597 – A bill that would give businesses the right to discriminate against homosexuals. While Sally is far from challenging the current World Champion ISIS, she’s honing her skill set and could be a genuine contender for the championship belt in the future.

Last, but not least… Coming to us from the United States and Huntington Beach, California… He’s the new Western Division Messenger Champion, and a serious contender for god’s World Messenger Championship belt… Attorney, Matt McLaughlin. Matt recently took the title in a decisive victory over the 2008 champ, Prop 8, by submitting a ballot initiative titled the “Sodomite Suppression Act”. The act calls for summary execution of homosexuals:

“Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

One Goal, Two Gods

As I read the articles and news posts about this Holy Trinity of Madness, I wasn’t surprised by the similarities between them as much as I was by the methods of execution. ISIS gets right to the point. Murder. Rep. Sally Kern, on the other hand, intimately massages the fears of the proletariat, and the legislative system, slowly manipulating the populace’s taste for vengeance. Then there’s the outlier Matt McLaughlin. Matt pushes a straight forward, no-holds-barred dictum, direct from the pages of “The Fundamentalist’s Guide to a Self-Righteous, Sanctimonious World View” (Bible) and proposes the “final solution”. In the end, the goal is the same. Purge the world of homosexuality. How the goal is accomplished is arguing semantics and blustering of hypocrisy. While the messengers will agree that homosexuality must be purged from the earth, how to get to that point is severely overshadowed by a fact that all three continue to ignore. Heterosexuals give birth to homosexuals.

Fundamentalism, regardless of the religion, is never a matter of degrees. It either is or isn’t. In the case of homosexuality, both the Quran and the Bible are explicit. Neither accepts it as a natural part of human sexuality, both consider it to be an abomination, and both prescribe the same penalty. Death. But, there are a host of other directives from the gods that go unenforced. In the case of christianity: shellfish, tattoos, burning of bulls in the streets… And my favorite, keeping the Sabbath. Anyway, back to homosexuals… One Goal, Two Gods. As for the Messengers…

Three Messengers

The messengers play a key role in the execution of the prescribed penalty for homosexuality, and the prescribed penalty is dependent on the current social and political climate of the culture that the message is delivered. In the western world, a little thing called democracy and the rule of law stands in the way. While “Freedom and Liberty for All” is just a catch phrase for fundamentalist ideologues, it actually means what it says in the eyes of the law. Well, at least most of the time.

Rep. Sally Kern (R)Rep. Sally Kern (R) of Oklahoma is a fundamentalist ideologue. Elected to represent her particular district, Sally’s goal of eradicating homosexuality is tempered by the fact that, while Oklahoma is a haven for bigotry and hate, it’s still a part of the United States and beholden to the Constitution. So, for Sally to deliver god’s message that homosexuality must be eradicated, she has to create an environment of fear through deception. Once the fear is firmly entrenched, she can then introduce legislation that assuages the fears of her constituency. Little by little, Sally slowly and methodically massages the electorate and the system, raising the level of fear each time, and introducing even more drastic legislative solutions to calm the fear.  She can’t challenge ISIS for the title –at least right now—because the democratic republic stands in her way. Is it possible that Sally embraces and approves of the way ISIS handles homosexuals? Given the theocratic nature of her political and social ideology, I’d be surprised if she didn’t secretly envision that solution. When the goal is the same, the method of achieving that goal is only a matter of how much fortitude one has to see it through.

The same applies to attorney Matt McLaughlin. His message is dripping with fortitude. Matt appears to support the ISIS methodology for eradicating homosexuality. He gets right to the point. But, once again, Matt is forced to work within a democracy and the rule of law. Therefore, his proposal has to be entered into the record and given consideration by the electorate. Of course, Matt doesn’t hide his intentions and goes right for the throat. He plays immediately upon the fear of god from the get-go:

“…offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst…”

California-Ballot-Initiative-to-Kill-GaysThis, by far, is the boldest attempt at inducing fear in the electorate. It’s a straight up, no bull, god’s gonna kick our asses if we don’t kill these deviant bastards now vote on it, proposition! Matt’s not a politician, so he doesn’t have to worry about massaging the system like Sally does. And it’s clear from his proposal that he’d likely buy front row tickets to an ISIS event. To Matt, an ISIS event might be the equivalent of the Super Bowl. What baffles me though is that he’s an attorney. Maybe he thought all those classes dealing with the Constitution were just electives? Or, maybe he’s a corporate lawyer? I can only speculate.

Holy Trinity of Madness

Some of you will likely say that I’m comparing apples to oranges, that I am unfairly comparing Rep. Sally Kern and attorney Matt McLaughlin to the monstrosity that is ISIS. Really? All three seek the same goal. All three are working toward achieving that goal. They all agree that homosexuality is an abomination. The ONLY difference between them is the particular political and social system that binds them. The only thing that stands in the way of Rep. Sally Kern and attorney Matt McLaughlin, that keeps them from accomplishing the goal, is a democratic republic and the United States Constitution. Given enough latitude, and enough time to ramp up the fear, both of these zealots, along with many others like them in places of power, could conceivably succeed in having reason thrown off a roof. Once reason has hit the concrete and splattered across the rule of law, the crowd will gather, the stones will be handed out, the Holy Trinity of Madness will be united in their success, and they will have the power to force the world into total chaos. Praise god and pass the ammunition anyone?

#CrusaderWager Is A Sucker’s Bet

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(The following is the Brutally Honest column for the week of 2/16/15 by David 2.  This article is re-posted with permission.)

#CrusaderWager Is A Sucker’s Bet
– by David 2

So Atlanta’s newer overpaid talking head has a challenge for people who don’t follow in lock-step with the conservative/neo-conservative script about Islam and violence.

Michael Graham is supposedly “sick and tired” about hearing people say that extremism itself is wrong and that it’s not just limited to Islamic extremism. He doesn’t want to hear that retort anymore. He doesn’t want to hear the truth. He only wants to regurgitate the same fascistic script about how “only Islam” has a problem with violence and how “only Islam” has radical extremists that want to do harm to America. Never mind the Christian extremists that have done harm in the recent past. Never mind the Coptic Christians in Egypt that give as good as they get in terms of extremist outrage. Never mind the conflicts between Hindus and Muslims in the border areas between Pakistan and India. Never mind any of that… it’s “only Islam” that matters in his mind. “Only Islam”.

Of course, Mister Graham is slick. He’s quick to quantify his “only Islam” assertion to events after 9/11. “Only Islam” in the Twenty-first Century. “Only Islam” in recent years. “Only Islam” in 2015. Never mind anything that happened before 9/11 that would stain any other religious beliefs, especially Christianity. “Only Islam” matters in his mind, and “only Islam” is what he pompously believes should be the only thing up for discussion. “Only Islam”.

Or as the late-great George Orwell would put it “We’ve always been at war with Middle Eastasia.”

So Mister Graham has this challenge called “#CrusaderWager”. Yes, it’s a “hashtag”… because, you know, propaganda has to be hip and current for it to be effective. It’s not just about regurgitation. Why do you think it’s called “TWIT-ter”?

Here’s the deal, should you agree to the mission: you agree to put aside $1 for every instance of Islamic violence in 2015. Meanwhile, Mister Graham would put aside $100 for every instance of violence carried out by any other religion in 2015. The “winner” is the person who has to set aside less money in 2015. If you win, Mister Graham donates his pot to the charity of your choice. If he wins, you have to give your pot to the Salvation Army. (After all, where do you think the “Crusader” part of the “wager” comes from?)

Mister Graham thinks that this will shut his critics up. And, believe me, there is a part of me that would love to take him up on that challenge simply on the thought that if I would win, he’d have to give his hundreds to the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

There’s just one problem with this “masterpiece” of a “wager”.

There’s no chance in hell that you could ever prevail.

And it’s not because he’s “right”. It’s because he knows something that the vast majority doesn’t.

Have you ever heard the media describe someone as a “Christian Terrorist”?

Go ahead and think about it. Go back to all of the acts of terror in the 90’s here in the US done by non-Muslims. All of the shootings and bombings, including the Olympic Park bombing of 1996. Have any of those been declared acts of “Christian terrorism”?

Think about the Anthrax threats of 2001 committed by people like Clayton Lee Waggoner. Even though President George W. Bush himself said that “anyone who sends Anthrax is a terrorist, and anyone who sends an Anthrax threat in the mail is a terrorist”, has anyone in the media or the federal government consider Waggoner to be a “Christian Terrorist”? No, of course not!

Shoot up a women’s clinic, and you’re considered an “Anti-Abortion Protestor” or a “Pro-Life Extremist”, not a “Christian Terrorist”. Even if you got your “marching orders” from a self-appointed Christian minister with a degree from “Ordained-dot-God” and said “Praise Jesus” as you pulled the trigger and then quoted scripture as you left, the media will never, ever, ever, ever declare you to be a “Christian Terrorist”.

Consider this: two men walk into two separate workplaces and commit the same horrific acts. One man says “Praise Jesus” as he does his bloody deeds, while the other says “Allah Akbar”. Would these both count as acts of terrorism?

No, they wouldn’t. Because while the “Allah Akbar” murderer would be instantly branded a terrorist, the “Praise Jesus” murderer would be written off as a “lone nut-case”.

How about the parent that quotes Scripture to justify killing their child versus one that quotes the Quran? Again, the Quran-quoting “honor killing” parent would count as part of that religious violence, while the Bible-quoting parent would again be declared a “lone nut-case”.

That doesn’t really help out in the “wager”, does it?

And that, I believe, is the point.

Let’s get brutally honest here… I firmly believe that the so-called “#CrusaderWager” is a sucker’s bet. Despite having a seemingly huge radio of 100-to-1 in your favor, there is no real way that you can prevail against Mister Graham’s assertion simply because there is this ongoing double-standard that negates violence committed by Christians and other religions and highlights those committed by Muslims.

Imagine what would happen if one of the TV stations – never mind a network news program or cable news channel – dared called acts of Christian terrorism for what they are like they do for acts of Muslim terrorism. That station would be besieged by angry phone calls and letters from every church group out there, from every old lady with a crucifix and rosary clutched in their hands, from every C-Street office and political action committee from the Catholic League to the American Family Association, and from every politician owned by C-Street. They would be told in no uncertain terms that the acts of Christian terrorists are “not those of true Christians”, and that “no true Christian would ever support or condone actions of violence”… even when there are biblical passages from both the Old and New Testament that say otherwise. They would be badgered into supporting the lie that “no true Christian” can do what Muslim extremists have done.

This ongoing double-standard is what fuels the continual diatribe by people like Mister Graham in their fallacious assertion that “only Islam” has a problem with violence. It not only conceals the past sins of those of other faiths, it also encourages even more Islamic extremism. We come off as pompous and hypocritical, which only inflame those that know our actual history. “Do as we say, not as we have done,” is the message we give. To borrow from the New Testament, we try to remove the plank from the eyes of our neighbors, while ignoring the whole woodshed that has been long nestled in our own eyes.

Oh there is a chance that Mister Graham could lose, but it’s extremely slight. If the Coptic Christians in Egypt are riled up enough, or if the tift between India and Pakistan heats up again, or if some religious group here in America decides to go nuclear over the film release of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, maybe then they will do enough damage to make Mister Graham lose. But it would take a lot. And it would also take the media identifying these incidents for what they are, which I doubt would happen.

Of course if there are no takers in Mister Graham’s “wager” – and I do hope that is the case – he will use that as his assertion that he is somehow “right”, and his associates and myrmidons will follow suit. “Take the challenge,” they will demand. “Prove him wrong. Put up or shut up.”

They can go to hell and take their rigged games with them. Their terms are not acceptable and they will not prevail in shutting people up who will remind them of the actual truth and of reality. They will only result in having two separate enemies against them instead of “only Islam”.


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