USA – Unilaterally Stupid America

Posted in Politics, Religion on November 25, 2014 by RJ Evans

dunce“USA! USA! We’re number one! We’re number one!”

You’ve heard the chants before. They’ve been carefully rehearsed and performed by Americans for generations. And no matter how many times you hear them, as Americans, you buy into them, believe them, trust in them, and have faith in them. You don’t question the holy hymnal of American exceptionalism. It would be unpatriotic, blasphemous, maybe even a form of treason. No. As far as you’re concerned, that’s just the way it is. Right or Left, religious or non-religious, America is exceptional and beyond reproach for anything done in the names of freedom and democracy. It is America’s manifest destiny.

I’m an American polemicist. I enjoy exposing the underbelly of America’s myths. That causes a great deal of controversy from time to time. Whether it’s the claims of the Religious Right’s “America is a Christian Nation!” or “Freedom and Liberty for All… As long as they’re white, god fearing, hard-working, gun-loving, patriots!”… Even the Left’s “That’s not politically correct!” or “You need to be protected from yourself!” and the “What would Jesus do?”apologetics… I’m here to smash jingoism and social homogenous hegemony, because all of it is born from the myth of American exceptionalism. So, if you’re sensitivities are such that any exposure to America’s underbelly of reality might cause you extreme distress… Might I suggest returning to your sandbox and reinserting your head into the hole it was previously buried.

NEWS FLASH: America is not exceptional.

Far, far from it. America is truly unilaterally stupid, and Americans are the ignorance and foment behind it. “…conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” These are noble words. And who can forget “…government of the people, by the people, for the people”?  I’ll tell you who forgets. YOU. Americans. And in large numbers. Mid-term election turnout for this year was 36.4%. The lowest in 70 years!  Yep. And while 63.6 percent of voters decided not to vote, here are a few issues that continued to rot in the underbelly of American exceptionalism:

Unemployment Scam:“25 million Americans were either unemployed, underemployed, or had given up looking for a job in April”. (2014)

Glaciers are disappearing from Glacier National Park: “…mountains on the Canadian border boasted some 150 ice sheets, many of them scores of feet thick, plastered across summits and tucked into rocky fissures high above parabolic valleys. Today, perhaps 25 survive. In 30 years, there may be none.”

One in fifty children is homeless in the U.S.: “The consequences to our society will play out for decades. As we bail out the rest of our nation, it is also time to come to their aid.”

The Middle Class continues to disappear: “…middle class Americans are rapidly losing ground to the one-percenters who averaged $5 million in wealth gains over just three years. It also noted that the global 1% has increased their wealth from $100 trillion to $127 trillion in just three years.”

More Elderly. Fewer Doctors: “By 2030, the last of the Baby Boomer generation will have turned 65 years old, putting the population of “senior boomers” in the United States at approximately 71 million.”And “…the number of new trainees in the field of geriatrics is going down.” And “Without a fundamental change in public policy, financial reimbursement, and training this is unlikely to change anytime soon. So, how can we care for an aging population while our pool of geriatricians is shrinking?”

But wait! There’s more! Racism, bigotry, gender inequality, poverty, corporations considered people, the exportation of American jobs, the military industrial corporate complex, perpetual religious war with Islam, the militarization of police… The list goes on and on. And the myth that America is exceptional trumps all of these unexceptional facts. Americans are in love with a delusion of grandeur perpetuated by over 200 years of carefully crafted nationalism and an egotism that bleeds profusely from every fiber of the Stars and Stripes.

Voluntary Oblivion, Selective Swank Outrage, and ADHD

American’s are truly oblivious to the world around them. They’ve embraced the notion that ignorance is bliss, unless some particular subject matter touches a collective conscience trip wire. Then Americans will quickly rally, a force to be reckoned with… For about five minutes. It is the virtual political and social landscape of the Internet that recklessly lays down that trip wire, a cause of the moment, a selective swank outrage to “fight” for. But ADHD always sets in and soon voluntary oblivion returns, usually as the result of mainstream media’s coma inducing daily rhetorical tripe. Actually challenging any wrongdoing, travesty, criminality, injustice… Well, that is just too much work, requires too much time and energy, and might lead to taking some responsibility.

36.4%. That’s the percentage of eligible voters who actually voted this past mid-term. That number bears repeating because it is strong evidence in support of voluntary oblivion, selective swank outrage, and ADHD. Americans have donned their dunce caps in the shadow of that number. Stupid is as stupid does. But, let’s not forget that a certain percentage of the 36.4%  who voted, actually barreled, pointy end-of-cap first, into the voting booth without a single brain cell firing. They, most likely, ceremoniously checked the “straight party affiliation vote” box at the top of their ballots without knowing, or giving one thought to, the candidate or issue at hand. Straight Republican or Democrat. To hell with who, what, when, where, how, or why.  Herd mentality, with the only risk being that of breaking the barely used pencil lead.

Where’s the Outrage?

That’s a very good question. It’s there. It’s a trickle of discontent from the pores of the thin scrotum, hidden just beneath the tiny testicles of America. Unfortunately it only becomes visible when it drips down America’s leg. Too much delusion can lead to the seepage. Outrage in America is nothing more than reactionary, a spoiled child’s tantrum. It’s the result of a nervous tic inside the American exceptionalism psyche. Unfortunately, it shows up too late and wreaks of the stench of extremism.  Instead of a united chorus of immediacy, importance, and fortitude dedicated to solid solutions, the outrage is a cacophony of panic, self-indulgence, and disorganized chaos adjudicated by ideological and/or social hyperbole. Interestingly, it also is very brief, myopic, and completely void of sanity and reason. As I write this there is this type of outrage in Ferguson, Missouri. The city is burning. Not the entire city mind you, just parts of it here and there. And the people who are burning it are outraged. They are destroying their community. They are ransacking their own home. They are proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Americans are stupid, that we are a nation of extremes, where reason and self-preservation fall victim to social, political, and religious suicide. In America, it’s not about winning a war against injustices. It’s about winning a single, insignificant, bloody battle, just to feel better… at the expense of living better as a nation.

A New Holiday?

America is stupid. It’s not really hard to see. So, in the spirit of stupid, let’s make stupid the centerpiece of American lack of ambition. America needs a new national holiday. Not another holiday, mind you. We can just make it a part of one that’s already on the calendar. I propose we add “Unilaterally Stupid America Day”, or” U – SAD” to the Christmas event. Christmas is a divisive holiday anyway, when you think about it. Everyone’s arguing over whether or not people should say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. It’s a time of year when people love to fight over product sales and services, complain about the crowds, traffic, and store return policies. It’s the perfect time of year to be openly, unabashedly stupid and feel proud of the fact. So, let’s own stupid for once. Be proud America! Unilaterally Stupid America! USA! USA! We’re number one! We’re number one… At being stupid.

Dear Santa…

Posted in Politics, Religion on November 20, 2014 by RJ Evans

imagesDear Santa,

I was wondering if you know what Jesus might want for Christmas? I’m only 5 years old, but I know that it’s Jesus’ birthday and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna want gifts from his friends. I’ve never met him, so I figured I write to you because you probably know him and all. So, could you tell me what Jesus wants? My name is Jimmy and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. But, you already know that cause you’re Santa. Anyways, I hope you can help me with this. I’m only 5. Well, almost 6. Thanks.

Jimmy C.


Dear Jimmy,

Thanks for writing to me you little shit. As if I don’t already have enough bullshit letters to answer. Look, Jesus is no more real than I am. And, to tell you the truth, most people give way too much credit to that fucking retarded mythical douchebag. My advice to you is to buck up, grow up and forget all this religious hoo ha. Spend a shit load of your parent’s money, buy a bunch of plastic junk and get on with your life of consumer based self-indulgence and leave me the fuck alone. BTW… I don’t live at the north pole. I don’t give a shit about you, or anyone else who keeps writing me every year. And the only fucking reindeer in my neighborhood are molded plastic, light contaminating displays, that ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep because fucking jackasses keep driving by ooing and ahhing and taking fucking pictures with their smartphones!!!!! Now leave me the fuck alone!!!! Write to your fucking pastor. You remember him don’t you? The guy who wants to play with your dingaling?



Santa Claus

Myth-maker, Heartbreaker, and all around Jackass (much like Jesus)

Bible Loopholes – Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!

Posted in Politics, Religion, Science on November 16, 2014 by RJ Evans

“Fuck All The White People” – There’s Still A Glimmer of Hope In Oklahoma

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Denying Problems and Imaginary Ghosts

Posted in Politics, Religion on November 10, 2014 by RJ Evans

Demagogue1Now that the mid-term election has been decided by less than 40% of the electorate…

Does this really come as a surprise to those of us who actually care about American hypocrisy? Sure, I could easily jump into the fray of political analysis like everyone else and come up with a whole host of reasons why those few who voted decided on being ruled as opposed to governing. I could pontificate on the obvious power of BIG money and what the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United has done to the democratic process. I could rant about gerrymandering, racism, the “Party of NO!”, teabaggers, liars, cheaters, professional politicians…   Yeah… Believe me, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But, there are some things best left to the talking heads of digital glitter who get paid to drum up controversy and make a mockery out of elections. After all, it’s ALL about money.

The power of money is truly remarkable when it comes to politics. And this election saw a record amount of cash slathered over the process like one hundred pounds of melted butter over a single baked potato. $3.7 Billion! Yeah. BILLION! And, what does that kind of money buy in American politics? America’s favorite hard liquor! Hypocrisy! And Americans drank themselves stupid this election!

Hypocrisy Always Reveals the Lies

I really think we need to change the national motto to “In Hypocrisy We Trust”. (Please keep in mind “E Pluribus Unum” bit the dust back in the 50’s when the christians circumvented national unity for a ghost) It would simply bring American hypocrisy out of the closet (the congressional church), and put a little bit of honesty back into the democratic process. At least it would make Mitch McConnell sound like an honest man. And, of course, the rest of the GOP would have something to point at whenever they get caught in lies or half-truths. And maybe… Just maybe, the electorate would pay closer attention to what these purveyors of puke are really saying. Nah. Never mind. Americans love lying and being lied to. Why ruin that? Anyway… There IS an explanation for it all.

I came across two articles on Science Daily the other day that I think explain very well the political and religious (one and the same) hypocrisy in America. The first article talked about a study done at Duke University titled Solution Aversion: On the Relation Between Ideology and Motivated Disbelief,” that has apparently identified why Republicans and Democrats disagree so much on important issues. The study found that folks are only interested in real solutions when the solutions don’t threaten their particular political dogma. The second article talked about a study done in Switzerland that found ghosts only exist in the human mind. The researchers were able to manipulate the brains of their subjects and “… showed that the “feeling of a presence” actually results from an alteration of sensorimotor brain signals, which are involved in generating self-awareness by integrating information from our movements and our body’s position in space.”

Political dogma and ghosts. Demagogues and demigods. What’s fascinating about this is that both are known for producing immense quantities of hypocrisy. And, both are very astute at making promises they’ll never keep.

So, taken together, what do these two hypocritical giants, and these two studies, reveal about our country and our political process? First, Americans are extremely delusional. They knowingly trust in open political hypocrisy from demagogues. They have an altered perception of reality, the result of political dogma addiction. Second, there is a broken connection between their bodies and their brains. This leads them to believe in demigods, ghosts, angels, and the supernatural. Third, they think they’re always right because the bible, some clergyman, politician or famous talking head told them they are, even though they have never really read the bible in its entirety, and likely Googled their opinion while watching MSNBC or FOX News. Fourth, they surrender their independence and freedom to the political and media fear machine, find tremendous comfort in sucking in thousands of cubic feet of noxious mouth flatulence spewed by their comrades, and do it all while drinking themselves stupid drunk on Jesu-G-O-P-ocalypse juice or their Jesu-D-E-M-ocalypse juice light. Fifth, they hang onto their self-righteous barstool, teetering on one leg, and drool all over themselves with a self-aggrandizing drunkard wit. Then, when they think they are sufficiently toasted to vote, one group passes out on the floor while the other group wobbles their way to the polls to hunt for the “R” next to the check boxes.

When all is said and done and the sun comes up on a new day, the only winners are demagogues, demigods, corporations, and the wealthy. The delusional are left to bear their hangovers by denying all the problems and praying to their imaginary ghosts. Welcome to the new America. Citizens United Demagogues for Demigods. Pawn your vote here!



Is Your God Morally Corrupt?

Posted in Politics, Religion on October 17, 2014 by RJ Evans

judgment-resized-600.jpgI’ve entered into a small debate with a commenter, on my friend Chuck Doswell’s blog, about whether religion should bear any responsibility for violence in its name. You can read Chuck’s blog post and comments here. During my brief exchange in the comments section, I was inspired to write the blog post, It’s All Out Of Love – Murder for God. For what it’s worth, the debate on Chuck’s blog was coming down to body counts. Much like any war, for any reason, it seems that arguing whose ideology is responsible for more death, is missing a very important point. It’s not a matter of how many have died. It’s a question of whether or not the killing is immoral.

Christians of all stripes consider atheism and atheists to be immoral. We’re not given a pass on morality on any level. Any debate over morality always seems to gravitate toward war, war crimes, mass murder, etc. And, as far as the christian’s position is concerned, the most famous atheists are Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler (who wasn’t an atheist). Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler… Regardless of their justifications for their crimes against humanity, it will be agreed between christian and atheist alike, that these are morally corrupt regimes and that their killing is immoral. But, if you were to ask a christian if their god’s murders are morally corrupt… What do you think they’ll say?

As I pointed out in It’s All Out Of Love – Murder for God, god is responsible for 2,476,636 murders. In total, 3.4 billion to 24 trillion murders, potentially by the time all is said and done according to the bible. To avoid the numbers game, let’s just use the hard number of 2,476,636 . Is there any moral justification for god’s slaughter of 2,476,636 lives? If so, what is it? Is it possible that god is morally corrupt? What gives god any more right to slaughter people than Pol Pot, Stalin, or Hitler? Depending on who you ask (what flavor of christian) you’re bound to get enumerable answers. But, one thing will become blatantly obvious… There will be a moment of silence when you ask that question, and it will be deafening.

There’s a reason I ask these questions. And it boils all down to this… It is argued by apologists that christianity cannot bear responsibility for violence committed in its name. And yet, they are very quick to point out Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler as evidence for “atheistic” ideological evil, and use the number of dead as a measure of the immorality of the “atheist” ideology, AND, in DEFENSE of their supposed moral superiority. Apparently 2,476,636 is a morally superior number of murders?

Christianity, islam… murder by any other name is the truly morally corrupt kind. That’s what they want everyone to believe. It’s NOT murder if their god does it. It’s not really christian, or muslim if someone does it in the religion’s name. However, it IS murder if anyone else does it. In my book, it’s all murder. It’s murder for hire. Whether it’s done in the name of christianity, islam, or some other ideological bullshit, it’s still murder. And we shouldn’t be arguing body counts. We should be arguing responsibility. And that’s where I’m headed next.

I challenge christians to produce a unified, codified, atheist manifesto, doctrine, or directive, followed in any way, shape or form by atheists, as a collective system of non-belief, that orders the extermination of those who believe in deities, or commands or requires murder for any reason. I challenge christians to show me any murder ever committed in the name of atheism and for atheism’s sake. Go ahead… drag out Pol Pot and Stalin again! You cannot produce evidence to support that position. It doesn’t exist. However, I have mounds of evidence that explicitly indict your god, and your religion, for murders committed, whether by your god, or by a human being in your god’s name. Not only throughout history, but in the present day. And it doesn’t matter how many people were murdered by your god, or in your god’s name. Anyone who murders in the name of christianity or islam has been exposed to the obvious immorality of the writings of that religion, and therefore it can be strongly suggested that the murderers felt justified in committing those murders through proxy of those writings.

So, I will ask you this… Is your god morally corrupt for killing 2,476,636 people? If you say yes, your religion is morally corrupt. If you say no, your religion must bear responsibility for murder in its name by anyone who claims to be a christian.

It’s All Out Of Love – Murder for God

Posted in Politics, Religion on October 15, 2014 by RJ Evans

man-hitting-woman“For God so loved the world…” John 3:16. He loved the world so much, that he slaughtered 2,476,636 people, while his nemesis, satan, slaughtered 10. Don’t believe me? Count for yourself! Read the bible and count the number of murders committed by god. A guy by the name of Steve Wells did just that. His book “Drunk With Blood – God’s killings in the Bible” is a great read, and clearly lays out the murderous rampage of the christian’s “loving” deity. Wells produces hard numbers. And, by applying some fairly strong research and logic, he even estimates how many more god will murder “…assuming that the rapture (or whatever) is soon (and it’s always coming soon), and the earth’s population will be about what it is today, 6.8 billion…”.  And he does it by referring to what’s written in the bible. Wells estimates that the upper limit is somewhere around 24 trillion “…if he’s going to get his bloody wine-press overfilled to the bible’s specifications”.  The lower limit? Just a paltry 3.4 billion. As for satan? As far as the bible’s concerned: 0 (zero) additional murders. But, let’s give god his due. He created everything and everyone after all, so… Much like a parent who says to their child, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!” god is going to take out a shit load of people by the time he’s done.  Remember though… It’s all out of love!

“I kill … I wound … I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh.”Deuteronomy 32:39-42

I’ve reached a point in my life where if I hear one more “But god is all about love!”, I’m going to stroke out!  Please!!! How fucking ignorant does a person really have to be to so easily dismiss the utter brutality and inhumanity of their christian god, or any other god for that matter? But, that is EXACTLY what ALL believers do! They abandon their own humanity through the proxy of “faith” and COMPLETELY deny the reality of the book they claim to follow!!  Personally, I’d have a LOT more respect for them if they did one of two things: Either start killing folks as prescribed in the text or admit they don’t know shit about their holy book!

I keep hearing “love” used in sentences uttered by christians, and then an addendum is applied to the end of it. Usually it has something to do with fear, hell, burning, gnashing of teeth, submission, etc. There’s always some qualifier that indicates whether or not the “love” is justified. Unconditional love is really nowhere to be found. There are ALWAYS conditions in the scriptures. Even the “Free Will” bullshit is rife with conditions. ‘You can do what you want, but god already knows what you’re going to do, so you’re fucked either way!! But remember… It’s all out of love!!!!’

I suggest believers try to actually LIVE their lives that way. I want them to try to get away with conditional love in the relationship with their significant other or spouse. How long do you think the relationship is going to last when one person sets up a bunch of rules, without any clarification (interpretation required), no rhyme or reason to them (speculation), and then DEMANDS the other person live them to the letter?  How long will that relationship last if the tyrant, who issued the edicts, DEMANDS penance for breaking any of the rules by kneeling before them and BEGGING for forgiveness, and ALL under penalty of everlasting torment, burning, and death?  How truly pathetic must someone be to submit to this kind of inhuman treatment? More than that… How sick must a fucker be to issue these edicts in the first place?

It’s all out of love! Yep. That’s what an abuser says to the abused. They do it all out of love. And as each blow strikes the abused, they will (out of fear, terror and pain) capitulate, blame themselves, and eventually submit to, and/or die at the hands of their abuser. Surely, it’s the right thing to do. For they are imperfect in the eyes of their master. And, of course, their master is only doing it out of love.


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